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HOMEWORK collective is a team of skilled crafts and trades people and talented creative directors making any project look its best. We remodel kitchens, pull out old floors, and even fix a roof if necessary, all while staging and designing the place to make it shine inside and outside.

Israel Segal

founder, creative director, people-connector

Bergdorf Goodman's Creative Director told Israel at the nascence of his professional life that he had 'impeccable taste'. He spent the next 20+ years proving it as a celebrity and commercial stylist. 

     Post-fashion, creating stylish spaces became his passion. Israel’s strength is borrowing from across design vernaculars to create interiors that are eclectic yet bespoke. As a father of high-energy twin teens, he knows the value of  balancing form with function, comfort, budget and iPhone chargers.

Dane Holweger

co-founder, creative director, space maven

Dane's training began in early childhood as he was often woken by his older sister Terri at around 2:30 am to rearrange their living room furniture. His creative impulse was not squelched by sundry broken bones incurred by family members as they stumbled over newly moved furniture in mid night snacking forays.

     Houses don't literally speak to him (that would be crazy) but his DNA doesn't allow him to leave any space unimproved.