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Grampa is coming to visit and he’s just too old to sleep out on the lawn chair anymore. So what are you going to do: give up your bedroom? Of course not. Make him share the bunk bed? Maybe — if his snoring didn’t dislodge even the newest fillings in your mouth.


Luckily, our temperate climate allows for simple framed structures with exposed beams and rafters (read: CHARM) and California allows for a 120 square foot building (read: SHED) without a permit. So if you’ve got a little extra room out in the yard, do what we did, and build him a Casita. He’ll be over the moon at this grand gesture while you’ll actually be calculating how much you can charge for it on AirBnB as soon as he vacates.


Casitas are multi-functional and reflect unlimited personal style. They can serve as an extra bedroom (see above), a creative space, a meditation retreat, a stay-cation resort, a way to get a different perspective on your property or somewhere for your kids to have their first kiss . Get yours today.

Custom Casita

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